Omar Capers
My Super Powers
Wielding a mic, camera, and laptop, and with the occasional help of creative elves, I can transform your brand, craft messages that inspire, and show the world what it's been missing on the internet, in ink and in pixels. That is, I provide senior-level graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, WordPress administration, and digital marketing / advertising services.
I make your product look like something people WANT. I make your services appear to be INDISPENSABLE. I make your cause something people will start FIGHTING for, and draw more eyeballs to your website, or organization's presence online.
Passions that Fuel Boundless Possibilities
When at play, I'm immersed in exploring the latest in theoretical physics, participating in exhilarating chess battles, and performing alchemy with music, video, and art. These passions ignite my creativity and inspire limitless potential. A bit of a tinkerer myself, I love exploring innovations that advance humankind on many levels. 
Creative Consultant for Hire
Let's show the world how your product can change it. Let's bring your contributions to the people. Let's start fires in the middle of the night to spite the dark. 
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