Omar Capers
My Super Powers
I am a nexus of digital skills. Wielding a mic, camera, laptop, I will transform your brand, craft messages that inspire, and show the world what its been missing on the internet, in ink and in pixels. That is, I provide senior-level graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, WordPress administration, and digital marketing / advertising services. I have a wealth of highly transferable skills that allow me to be the liaison (and quality-control point) between your goals and those people that can make them happen.
What May Do For You?
I strive to make your products look like something people WANT. I work to make your services appear to be INDISPENSABLE. I frame your cause as something people could start FIGHTING for, and generally work to bring you (and your project, objectives, and organization) more attention.
Creative Consultant for Hire
Let's show the world how your product can change it. Let's bring your contributions to the people. Let's shine your light to spite the dark. 
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