Omar Capers
Visionary Creative Director
Imagine an epic sci-fi filmmaker wrapped in the body of an IT guy, envisioning a future where people are sustainably and upwardly mobile—that's me. Let's propel transformative journeys into the realm of consciousness, advanced robotics, eVTOL aviation, sustainable housing and green-developmental architecture and usher in our long-overdue futuristic utopias. 
Passions that Fuel Boundless Possibilities
Immersed in theoretical physics, exhilarating chess battles, soul-stirring Spotify playlists, and electrifying personal aviation vehicle feeds. These passions ignite my creativity and inspire limitless potential. A bit of a tinkerer myself, I love exploring innovations that advances humankind on many levels. 
Creative Consultant for Hire
Whether you have a new idea that needs testing, some new, revolutionary way of doing things, or you want to create an experience that inspires, and leaves a lasting impression, then I'm the guy you're looking for! I'm seeking to partner with R&D firms or B-Corps that are at the intersection of technology and humanitarian sustainability.
Let's explore the possibilities of what I can do to help your endeavors!